Sports Hall Sulzbach

Sporthalle Sulzbach an der Murr

The new gymnasium is in the valley of the River Murr between the hills of the Swabian Forest, which enclose the valley. The gymnasium is part of the Sulzbach school and sports centre which has developed here over the years. To the south, the gymnasium opens out towards the unspoiled valley meadow and the wooded hillside across the river. To the north, the locker room areas form the boundary of the building and residential buildings adjoin the site. The overall appearance is moulded by just a few elements: The beautiful banks of the river, the hillsides of the Swabian Forest, the thin, broad span of the roof slab with its main girders covered by skylights. The glazed areas, the games pitch below, meadows, the sports field, trees. One has the impression that the gymnasium has been there for years.

Sulzbach Municipality
Behnisch & Partner
Planning and Construction

Jahnstraße 8
71560 Sulzbach an der Murr

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