Housing for the Elderly

Seniorenwohnheim Ingolstadt-Hollerstauden

This complex of apartments has been designed to provide accommodation for those currently without adequate housing - large families, single mothers, students and senior citizens. It houses approximately 300 people.

The buildings are situated northwest of the city of Ingolstadt, near two other Behnisch buildings, a Montessori school and a kindergarten. They are part of Hollerstauden, a residential district. The original development plan proposed mainly public buildings for the site. However, when it became clear that there were insufficient public projects for the allocated area, part of it was made available for further residential development.

So, while its building typology would no longer distinguish this new development from its surroundings, the strategy was to do so in the form and pattern of the development. In contrast to the existing four- and five-storey rows of apartment blocks, the new complex is conceived as a dense carpet of two- to three-storey buildings. The area is accessible for pedestrians from and to all sides. Private gardens where the sunshine falls and a sequence of varying courts and gardens near each entrance emphasise this alternative pattern.

Colourful facades and varying materials add richness and depth to this distinguished set of homes. A total of 37 apartments for elderly people were completed in the course of the first building phase.

In 2011, Behnisch Architekten constructed a new residential building adjacent to the elderly housing complex built by Behnisch & Partner.

St. Gundekar Werk Eichstätt, Schwabach
Behnisch & Partner
Planning and Construction

Albertus-Magnus-Straße 9-11
85049 Ingolstadt

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