Münster Kindergarten

Münster Kindergarten, Ingolstadt

The Kindergarten complex is composed of three “children’s houses” for 25 children each and one multi-purpose building for the activities of the parish. These four houses are grouped around a green courtyard like the wings of a windmill and connected by a covered walk.
The children’s houses are accessed from this glazed walk via three steps leading to the cloakroom. This internal veranda is a “semi-public” link between the surroundings and the group room. From here the children can see what is happening around them. The “private” area comprises the main group room with a kitchen furnished to the requirements of children, another group room with a gallery on the upper floor, and a small sanitary unit. The three “children’s houses” are oriented to the south. Broad timber terraces and canopies seem to create extensions into the garden. The playground is planted with grass and fruit trees. There are also heaps of sand, but they are not boxed, as usual.
The main building north of the children’s houses accommodates a hall which opens towards both the courtyard and the covered walk, a community room, and a multi-purpose room. These three rooms have large double doors allowing to integrate the hall. In addition, there is a kitchen and a room for the manageress. All these rooms are at ground floor level. The children’s bedrooms and a staff room are situated upstairs.
The community room opens towards the west, but it can also be reached via a smaller entrance on its eastern side. In the morning it can be used by toddler groups, and in the evening for the activities of the parish. The multi-purpose and sports room open towards the yard in front of the main building. This yard is a kind of extension of the complex and can also be used for games and sports activities.

Kirchenstiftung zur Schönen unserer Lieben Frau, Münster Parish Ingolstadt
Behnisch & Partner
Planning and Construction
5,649 m²

Kindergarten der Münsterpfarrei
Johann-Michael-Sailer-Straße 9
85049 Ingolstadt-Hollerstauden

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