Extension Montessori-School

Erweiterung der Montessori-Schule, Ingolstadt-Hollerstauden

In 1996 Behnisch & Partner completed a Montessori school complex in the west of Ingolstadt. This school, which is part of a pedagogical centre, comprises a communication centre, a kindergarten, a therapy building, as well as an elementary and a primary school.
The primary school is has been complemented with five classrooms, space for a career-start service centre and a gardener’s house.
The single-storey, U-shaped new building has been matched to the existing complex and forms part of the rearrangement of the main entrance area.

Förderkreis für integrierte Erziehung in Kindergarten und Schule e.V., Ingolstadt
Behnisch & Partner, Stuttgart
Planning and Construction
1,600 m²

Johann-Michael-Sailer-Straße 7
85049 Ingolstadt-Hollerstauden

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